NEW YORK ISSUE 182 Oct 2009

George Productions New York photo production

George Productions recently embraced an interesting set of castings that made for a break from its usual fashion and lifestyle campaigns.

"What I like about this kind of casting is you have to stretch outside of your normal comfort zone and explore more," explains Kim Handley. "This ends up taking you to places and people you'd never normally go to. For instance, the wrestling environment: casting these guys was hilarious, they take their appearance very seriously and give a performance in the first degree - and this was only for a casting! Asking them to go into wrestler mode for the camera was ear-shattering, with all the muscle pumping, sweating and growling that is involved. My whole crew had a blast!"

"From the wrestler character we then had to switch gears for the Shiman character, a totally different entity; quiet, serene, slow and purposeful. We were looking for someone who could hold a proper high-kick leg stance and also look good, which is a lot easier than it sounds."

"The hunters were another fun group to cast. All year long you see great looking people that you'd love to cast in something, and this was my chance to ask these guys to get into the white trash, gun-toting hunter mode. They certainly didn't disappoint! Some of them were so good we just let them keep rolling with their characters, as every facial expression, look and bon mot out of their mouths was hilarious. One of my favorite jobs by far!"

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