NEW YORK ISSUE 602 Jun 2016

Luke Geissbühler New York dops

Academy Award nominated Luke Geissbühler is a master of natural light, framing and narrative storytelling. He has been a trusted cinematographer to the most beautiful women in the world for Victoria’s Secret for more than a decade. With over 25 feature films, 20 documentaries, and countless commercials to his name, his achievements include the renowned documentaries ‘Helvetica’ and 'Buck’, as well as Sacha Baron Cohen’s legendary 'Borat' and Patrick Stewart’s powerfully dramatic performance in 'Match’.

Luke unexpectedly became known the world over when he and his 8-year-old son sent a camera to near space in a homemade contraption as seen in the viral video 'Space Balloon’.

Raised by two Swiss graphic designers, Luke was taught the fundamentals of visual balance, shape and colour at an early age. A native New Yorker, self-taught engineer and NYU Tisch School graduate, he has excelled in blending together documentary and narrative approaches with wonderful results. Due to his vast experience and unique style, Luke has been called to every corner of the world to orchestrate complex shoots for OK Go, Adam McKay, The Muppets, Victoria's Secret, Nike, Amazon, Doug Liman, Barry Levinson, Katherine Bigelow and many, many others.

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