SPAIN ISSUE 230 Jul 2010

Chic and Basic Barcelona hotels and apartments

Chic&Basic describes itself as 'a blank slate where you pick the colour'. This is not a white hotel - it's a wide screen with a wide array of colours for you to choose from, enabling you to interact with it, personalise it and be a part of it... an urban Mediterranean inspiration, with a mix of contemporary and baroque furniture. Paint your room passion red, hopeful green or soothing blue - LED and fibre optics for day and night.

At the White Bar, large curtains suspended from the roof emit light from hundreds of LEDs, transforming the chic white interior and bathing the night with colour.

Last month, Chic and Basic hosted 'Changing Room', an event based on the concept "One day, one hotel, 25 fashion designers". This is becoming a classic for cool hunters and fashion trendsetters in Barcelona.

Chic and Basic welcomes inquiries from production crews. Get in touch for more information.

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