SPAIN ISSUE 843 Jun 2021

Wayne Chasan Marbella photographers

Globetrotting photographer Wayne Chasan is renowned for his architectural and interiors work and is highly specialised in resorts and the hospitality sector.

Capturing the whole concept and the soul of a hotel or development requires a special flair and instinct. Wayne creates magic and mood wherever he’s sent; his decades of experience combined with his passion and dedication to guarantee his client's stunning images… no matter what circumstances he encounters onsite. He has the innate ability to portray any project at its very best. 

Exceptionally talented at creating beautiful wide-angle scenes that celebrate an exterior facade or interior space, he is equally adept at the close-up details that distil them into a more personal experience.

The latest assignments have been a multi-year worldwide tour of institutional buildings around the globe and the launch campaign of H’ Mark Hotels (now rebranded as “Story” and “Cue” Hotels).

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