Zurich: Alex Buschor

Alex Buschor is a storyteller – not one with pen and paper, but one with a camera. His art is taking photos using camera and drones. To put it simple: He is a man of pictures. In his photos, he likes to put it simple as well, using clear forms and outlines. He pursues those in landscapes, in architecture, in faces. In the center, there is the essential: the nature of the object, the punch line of the story.

Alex has completed his studies in photography at the Douglas Mawson Institute in Adelaide, Australia, with in diploma in commercial photography.


"Stories without words: not for the ear, but for the eye. Our photos tell stories of architecture, of personalities, of landscapes. They can give you wings, in the truest sense of the word.

Using drones, we produce photo and film shots from a bird′s-eye view. If your product is the main protagonist, we′re equipped for that as well and take product shots or pack shots in our own photo studio."

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