AWARDS 2020 Nov 2020

Dusseldorf: Sabine Scheer

Title: "Flying Spaghetti" from the series 'Spaghetti'

"The personal work series “Spaghetti” was a quick fun project I shot in late September 2019. The entire series started out with the flying spaghetti. When I planned out the concept for the 13-part series this was actually the image I always had in mind first.

Back then I had no idea that the photo of the flying spaghetti and the whole spaghetti theme would be such a foresight on the COVID-19 year 2020: spaghetti would become so important all of a sudden and were often times sold out in the supermarkets because of coronavirus panic-buying; and photo productions would become so different during lockdown, with a tiny crew and a remote shoot. For this project it was a real one-woman-show and all the roles of the crew members were played by me: concept development, creative direction, styling, foodstyling and photography. Post production was not necessary.

The image of the flying spaghetti was photographed completely in one shot. There is no photoshopping or image composing involved. The spaghetti dish is actually flying in mid-air on the plate. In the completely darkened studio, I had the perfectly styled spaghetti dish in the right hand ready to throw on the plate and the camera release in the left hand. The movement of the flying spaghetti was frozen by using highspeed strobe light."

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