Munich: Dedo Weigert Film

Dedo Weigert Film started as a film production and camera rental company in the early 1960s and today still offers unique and unusual rental equipment, such as the dedolight PanAura 7 daylight and tungsten soft light.

Without hot spots, comprising three different diffusers and a 40° grid, the PanAura family (3'; 5' and 7') offers a caressing wrap-around light character. The shallow depth of this portable window system offers distinct space-saving advantages and is also far lighter (16 kg), offering higher light efficiency and lower heat and power consumption (max. 1,15 kW) to comparable systems.

Dedo Weigert Film continues as one of the most innovative high-speed video rental houses in Europe, offering the uniquely powerful (up to 100,000 Watts) LUMINYS flicker-free (DC), dimmable, daylight systems for high-speed shots.

Dedo also includes a professional high-speed video department equipped with the latest Vision Research Phantom cameras and Kenyon gyro stabilisers for shots taken from objects in motion. A full range of accessories, complete dedolight lighting tools and professional consultation are also provided.

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