Cuba - Colombia - Argentina - France: 7 Seas Productions

With a firm grasp on the very best locations in Cuba, Colombia, Argentina, the South of France and the Alps, 7 Seas has a portfolio of locations that have big fashion appeal. No matter the season, 7 Seas can deliver beachside mansions, snow-capped mountains, speed boats, tropicana beaches, Colonial estates, quaint ski lodges, and even tobacco plantations if called for.

Over the years, 7 Seas has become synonymous with fashion - all thanks to the team’s ability to intuitively know what the client needs, interpret any brief, and execute a first-class production.

7 Seas successfully collaborates with affiliate production agencies in the big fashion capitals. These agencies in London, NYC, Milan and Berlin rely on 7 Seas to provide access to remote, out-of-this-world locations and manage all local on-ground production.

What do Hermès, GQ, Zimmermann, Monsoon, NET-a-PORTER and Vogue Japan all have in common? 7 Seas took them all somewhere they had never been before!

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