Chicago: Stephen Hamilton

Now more than ever, photographer and director Stephen Hamilton’s eye for expertly capturing beautifully flawed foods is in demand. He captures drips, pours, spills and crumbs, knowing that flaws are delicious accidents. His vision of food is nothing short of authentic and he collaborates with exceptional food and prop stylists to deliver on any client request.

Hamilton’s fully equipped studio is based in Chicago, but he brings his vision to clients all over the globe. His versatile facilities cover over 11,000 square feet including three studios and a 4,000 square foot prop room.

The Stephen Hamilton Productions team offers an integrated, comprehensive, and client-first approach to any size production. Their full-circle capabilities include broadcast spots, OLV, still photography, social media content, how-to videos, and textured macro videos.

Stephen’s unique perspective, lighting style and incredible team are why brands have trusted him for over 25 years.

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