: Croatia: B2B Production

B2B Production is set for new challenges in 2009. With a database that includes more than ten thousand locations, the company is ready to offer fresh inspiration.

Besides constant investment and improvement in its production services, B2B is very proud of its new talents department that represents highly skilled Croatian photographers, hair and make-up artists, and stylists. The talent of one of its leading names, Goran Tachevski, is recognised worldwide.

Just a short trip from most major European cities and with favourable costs, Croatia is where adventure can really begin. The country is famous for being the pearl of the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas with more than a thousand islands to explore, as well as the lush green Istria peninsula, the great walls of Dubrovnik, and the cosmopolitan business areas of Zagreb.

Last year, B2B welcomed clients such as Publicis for Renault, KEK for Porsche, Sandoz, and L'Oréal for Diesel. This year, the company is looking forward to welcoming new clients and introducing them to the wonderful diversity that such a small country can offer.

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