Los Angeles, CA: Location America

Geoff Juckes is the founder of LocationAmerica, a company providing location scouting, consulting and aerial photography for feature films, commercial advertising and fashion. He first lived and worked in London before relocating to New York and then Los Angeles in 1981.

Geoff has extensive knowledge and location files covering the entire Western United States, particularly focusing on roads and remote areas. His clients include major production companies and advertising agencies in the United States and Europe. Geoff has scouted locations in the USA including Hawaii and Alaska, as well as locations in Brazil, the British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, the French Polynesian Islands (Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Tetiaroa), Jamaica and Mexico.

Geoff brings a triad of disciplines to his work as a location scout, possessing a naturalist’s respect for remote, pure landscapes, an artist’s eye in collapsing the world into an illuminating visual frame, and a scientist’s intuitive skill in knowing the exact time to shoot for surface, mass, silhouette or meandering line.

Recent projects include: Citroën - Stink. Dir: Adam Berg; Chevrolet - Stink. Dir: Nacho Gayan / Berndt Wondollek; Mercedes - Independent Media. Dir: Scott Hicks; BMW - Anonymous Content; Buick - RSA. Adrian Moate; Nike - Smuggler; Nikon - Smuggler; Hertz - Independent Media; Honda - AeroFilm. Dir: Jacques Steyn; Gucci, Cavalli, Elle, Saab, 7Jeans, Loewe - lalaland / Mert+Marcus.

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