Spain: Sonda Productions

"At Sonda Productions we recognise our clients' needs. Our product is the combination of a personal production service applied on suitable locations. The update of new service systems and the discovery of new spots is our priority. We try to be one of the leading production companies to work on newly discovered locations.” Werner Dürsteler, Executive Producer.

“Friendly, professional, fast, flexible - Sonda is good to work with.” Michael Schnabel, Photographer.

“Sonda Productions take all inclusive (production, food, music, laughter and more) really seriously.“ Simon Puschmann, Photographer.

"Experience, great knowledge of photographers' needs and a family-like togetherness. That's Sonda to me." Tobias Habermann, Photograher.

“Concernant Sonda Production, j’ai été très heureux d’avoir travailler avec cette compagnie. Le service, la gentillesse, et le professionnalisme. Et surtout a l’écoute des gens, et qui est pour moi une qualité première!” Serge Guerand, Photographer.

“Amazing production support, always fun and a great team!” Christian Schmidt, Photographer.

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