New York: Alexandra Tremaine

Alexandra Tremaine is a lifestyle photographer based in the outskirts of New York City. Since a young age Alexandra has appreciated the way light can change to dramatically alter a scene. In high school she picked up her first film camera and she was hooked. She loved learning about light, testing it, and seeing what the world looked like through the lens. She enrolled and completed her education at the Brooks Institute for Professional Photography with an emphasis in Advertising.

To Alexandra, capturing a child is capturing their spirit. Sometimes that means being a fly on the wall, while other times it means rolling her sleeves up and playing with them. Whatever the scene calls for, Alexandra’s gift with children is evident both on the actual shoot and through the final photographs she captures. She delivers a beautiful and organic photograph with raw emotion, embodying the lifestyle feel.

Alexandra’s credo: “Capturing the world in a simple, yet beautiful way.”

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