: Hungry Tiger

Hungry Tiger studios consist of two interconnecting studios which are divided by a sliding acoustic partition, so it can be expanded and hired as 2200 square feet of uninterrupted space. Both spaces have informal, easy-to-use furniture, well-stocked bar fridges and music systems. The breakout area provides an additional space with plasma screen, magazines and freshly brewed coffee and catering.




Hungry Tiger are expanding to include a completely self-contained studio. Studio 6 (2000 square ft) will be aimed at TV, film, events companies and large scale shoots.


The new space will incorporate an 18 foot cove, kitchen, hair & make-up facilities and an over-hanging gallery lounge where clients can watch the activity below. The composition of the studios could work for a variety of set-ups and the high ceilings make it possible to construct medium size sets and Green Screen. This new space is due to open mid-March.

More details at Hungry Tiger's website.

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