Hamburg: Christoph Siegert

For the introduction of Volkswagen Genuine Oil, Christoph Siegert photographed satisfied drivers who count on obtaining full power and the highest quality via their commercial vehicles thanks to their choice of engine oil.

"Edelhof - the name sounds like a fairy tale, but the true story is almost more beautiful. In the rural landscape at the edge of the Harz is this listed manor house, a half-timbered building dating from 1514. The estate has been family-owned for four generations. The Edelhof includes a courtyard garden and idyllic orchards within surrounding nature reserves. There grow such wonderful old varieties as Schöner von Nordhausen, Laxton Superb and peach red summer apples. Together with friends and like-minded people, as part-time farmers we have devoted ourselves for a number of years to these old trees and to the tasty variety of their fruit, making the Edelbrand distillates, fruit jellies, Chutneys and juice from genuine local fruit varieties."

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