Los Angeles: Brian Kuhlmann

Brian Kuhlmann’s favourite work to create is authentic, in-the-moment, lifestyle. While working fast to keep the energy moving, Brian strives to capture that moment when the viewer becomes one of the clan, hanging and celebrating as part of the group. He believes the success of any shoot depends on creating believable moments, and goes to great lengths to make sure what he’s photographing could really be happening.

Brian’s energy has been called infectious; his ability to direct without being over bearing, and gaining the confidence and trust of everyone he photographs, are two of his most noted attributes. He is light-hearted and easy to work with, which makes his crew and talent willing allies in creating unique, unexpected images.

With a strong narrative focus and constantly evolving creativity, Brian repeatedly attract clients of all types and sizes including Amazon, Coca-Cola, Crown Imports LLC, Dell, Electra Bicycle Company, GE, GlaxoSmithKline, HBO, Harley-Davidson, Jack Daniels, JBL, Jim Beam, Kraft Foods, MGM Resorts, Microsoft, Pepsi Cola, Philip Morris, Procter & Gamble, Reebok International, Samsung Electronics and Time Warner Cable.

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