Switzerland: Luminosa Production GmbH

Luminosa production - “We are Europe!”

“We call ourselves a full-service creative production agency, we have the necessary experience, contacts and taste to help our clients find the perfect spot, crew and to get the results they want to achieve”

Born and raised in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, Luminosa production spreads out its services over Europe with a focus on Italy, South of France, Germany and the Alps, and of course Switzerland, to serve clients with top service since 1999.

The company's location database is one of the most extensive you can find. It contains locations from the top of the Alps down to the sunny coasts of the Cote d´Azur and the Italian islands.

Luminosa’s team of highly skilled producers and its wide network has the necessary experience to make every production a stress free one - offering a full service with budget management, scouting, casting, art buying, props, catering, crew and logistics coordination.

Luminosa works with both photo and moving image.

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