: Milan [Italy]: Sonia Marin

Sonia Marin is a freelance photographer who also works as an external lecturer in the Department of Photography at the European Institute of Design.

She has been working commercially since 1994, focussing especially on still life subjects as a fine art photographer. Sonia has organised travelling exhibitions to Copenhagen, Washington, Boston, Barcelona and Tokyo.

She received special mention as "Best Complete Project" in the Photographic Talent competition hosted by FNAC Milan (2006), and was awarded "Best Artistic Picture of the Year" in the commercial field at the Master Competition in Moscow (2006).

Sonia is able to capture the emotions and sensations of life through simple images of everyday objects and the human body, by "de-contextualising and re-inserting them into a new environment". Creating images for either commercial or personal work, her style and direction is guided by the need to tell stories with single images.

All of her images are rendered through Polaroid.

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