Zurich: Oliver Nanzig

As a child he wanted to be a fireman; as a teenager he tried his hand at becoming a chef. But at the age of 18, Oliver Nanzig realised that his true life's passion was photography. From 1991 to 1995, he was able to gain an excellent insight into the profession thanks to an apprenticeship, and has been self-employed ever since. Oliver has worked at the studio and workspace on Cramerstrasse 15 in Zurich's district Kreis 4 since 2005 - predominantly for advertising agencies, but also for editorial and private clients.

In the meantime, the photographer - who spent part of his childhood in the warm climes of Indonesia - was drawn to sunny Los Angeles. During his three-year time out there, Oliver was inspired not by the sun, but by artificial light. His night-time rambles gave rise to the 17-part series 'Night Drive', which he subsequently presented at an exhibition in 2012.

Oliver loves to photograph stationary objects... that move. People who tell a story without words, whose stories are only written later, edited on a computer screen. But even in the digital age, his analogue past taught him to focus on the camera and the light before the mouse comes into play.

Oliver's ability to compose atmospheric images is most likely linked to his passion for music. His ability to sidestep fiery situations on shoots is, perhaps, a nod to his early ambitions!

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