GERMANY ISSUE 200 Feb 2010

Artists & Co by Daniela Pitzk Munich photography

Latest news from Artists & Co by Daniela Pitzk:

  • Bonifatius Ametsbichler shot an Aston Martin DBS for the Loder1899 catalogue and website at Sirius Studios, Munich. He also completed a free project with stylist Bettina Bruaröy Maurer, shooting PeakPerformance winter jackets at NewHouse Studio, Munich.
  • Adrian Bela Raba shot an editorial for Traveller's World in Arlberg, Austria, with art director Markus Thommen. He also worked with Christine Heimann-Leppien and Angelika Francis shooting a new lingerie editorial for Sous Magazine.
  • Kalle Singer produced dynamic images of a family day out in the park for the stock4b agency.
  • Caroline Martin shot for Käfer and photographed Réunion Island themed recipes for Saveurs Magazine, Paris, with food stylist Geneviève Péron.
  • Sacha Höchstetter shot at BMW World for Fashion Trend Magazine, Milan, and put together an elaborately staged road story for Brazilian magazine Platinum.
  • Norbert Hurrle completed an editorial shoot in Marrakech with stylist Petra Wiebe.

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