GERMANY ISSUE 794 Apr 2020

Lopez Foto Design Nuremberg - Barcelona Corporate, People and Architecture Photographers

Corporate portraits and industry are the areas in which Francisco Lopez is at home and which he masters and loves.

No matter which industry, whether the financial world of banks and insurance companies, all industrial areas, architectural offices and the entire medical area of medical practices and clinics. Francisco photographs interesting people everywhere, in different perspectives with an exciting mix of natural and artificial light.

And if this were not enough, Francisco Lopez originally comes from product photography, and here he can prove time and time again how sensitively he deals with light in the studio in order to present products perfectly.

In addition to all this, he has made a name for himself in architectural photography over the past 20 years, with numerous customers from a wide range of industries having their buildings, houses and interiors photographed by him.

You can see his pictures mainly in company brochures, on various websites, in specialist magazines, magazines, and on product packaging and posters.

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