Stuttgart - Hamburg: Frank Linders

Aside from perfectly lit automobiles, Frank Linders creates a unique look for his landscapes that can be adapted to any brief. The basis for this is many hours of exposure per single film. Everything that moves becomes invisible or leaves a transparent trace; pictures of places emerge that one normally wouldn’t perceive.

The central topic of 'Being and Time' found in much of Frank's work is represented in the first image featured in this Spotlight that shows a clock on a facade. Renowned for his analogue photography using special filters, he creates extremely long exposures - in this case 6-8 hours, but significantly longer time exposures are also possible.

As a result, dynamic movements leave only traces, shadows become soft and places surreal. An atmosphere beyond space and time is created. Frank’s photos play with the past and the present, oscillating in-between. People and objects dissolve and objects, otherwise imperceptible, become visible. 

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