Los Angeles: Myles McGuinness

Myles McGuinness is a people and lifestyle photographer based in Oceanside, California and working worldwide.

There’s the viewpoint behind the lens, and then there’s the rare perspective of being deep in it, just out of frame. Myles gets there because he’s been there. Soaking it up. In awe of nature, and human nature. Focused on delivering the shot you’re looking for. And situationally aware to capture the one you never expected. When considering production, we take the time to set up real life scenerios, making the most of each location and light. Instead of canned action, we foster genuine moments.

Myles is represented Emissary Artists.

Recent client list includes Adidas, Chevy, Four Seasons Resorts, and Tahiti Tourism to name a few.

See more work on his website and Instagram.

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